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How do I become Verified?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Submit a verification request from your profile general settings page. Becoming verified on Anthrodex is alot easier than you might imagine! Unlike services such as twitter, our goal is to get as many furries on the site Verified, as possible. All while avoiding to over saturate the "Verified" status.

Users are typically put through the verification process if:
  • You're an artist, developer or content/merch maker
  • You're the host of a furcon or major furry event or website
  • You're otherwise known as a "popufur" that is subject to impersonation
  • You're a staff member of (or otherwise represent) the network

If you feel you fit one of the above criteria, or feel there is another reason not listed above which would earn a Verified status, please submit a verification request. It is best to have a fully filled profile (including links to your social media, and other work). You will be contacted at some point after to verify your identity through various profile(s) or methods.

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